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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have financing?

Financing is coming soon on the Miles Board website, please check back the week of May 3rd for an official link. You'll be able to get financing by choosing Klarna or Paypal credit as your payment method at checkout. Both options are only valid for customers in the US.


Can it really do 30mph?

Yes. This speed is based on real world testing with GPS tracking. 

With the stock 97mm wheels, the Sex Panther can hit speeds up to 30mph. With the 105mm cloudwheels, the Sex Panther can hit 30+ mph. 

Stay tuned for a video speed test. 

Note: Top speed can vary with conditions like rider weight, terrain and wind. We’re curious to see who will be crowned speed king. Please ride safe.


What range can you get?

On the standard 97mm wheels, we estimate a real world range of up to 40 miles on the Sex Panther (Direct Drive) and up to 35 miles on the Sex Panther PRO (Belt Drive).

Range will vary with rider weight and conditions. If you weigh less you’ll likely get longer range, if you weigh more, you’ll likely get less. 

With the Cloudwheels or AT wheels, you can expect the range to decrease.


Why is the range longer than other boards?

The Sex Panther comes with an ultra high capacity lithium battery, using next gen 21700 cells. Not only is there more total energy (648WH), the battery is also at a higher voltage - 43.2V compared to most boards at 36V. 

For the techies, it’s a 43.2V 15AH 12S3P battery with 21700 Cells (648WH).

WH (Watt Hours) is a measurement of the total energy in a battery

In addition to the massive battery, the Sex Panther has less moving parts. NO BELTS = less friction = more efficient, this is why the Sex Panther can achieve incredible range. The Sex Panther PRO is belt drive which will decrease the range slightly but give better acceleration. 

Beware: Many electric skateboard brands (especially the budget ones) don’t even publish their battery capacity. Are they afraid you’ll find out the truth? Some other brands flat out lie about the WH or intentionally miscalculate them to deceive you. 


How long does it take to charge?

Typically 5-7 hours, slightly longer if completely dead.


I'm heavy, can I ride it? If you weigh less than 330lbs, that’s a big YES. Though we often ride 2 up for a combined weight of ~350lbs, we can’t officially endorse it. Performance will decline with increased weight and the boards are not officially tested past 330lbs.


I'm tall, can I ride it?

Yes, there’s no height limit and the board is very stable for all folks short and tall.


Can you ride it without the battery or remote?

Yes! You can ride the Sex Panther Direct Drive like a normal skateboard with no power. The motors are precision engineered for the least drag possible. It’s a breeze to push and cruises smooth.

The belt drive Sex Panther PRO has more rolling resistance and can not be easily ridden with no power.


Is this practical to use for commuting daily to work (5-10 miles) and shopping etc? Yes! That’s a great distance to shred on your Sex Panther. You should easily make it there and back no problem. You’ll have more fun, save more money and likely beat uber, traffic, busses etc.


Can I ride it underwater?

The Sex Panther is IP65 water resistant. That means you can ride through rain and decent sized puddles but you shouldn’t go swimming with it.



The motors are completely waterproof and can run completely underwater. The electronics and battery in the deck are sealed pretty well by the grip tape, but if water manages to seep in over time it can damage them. For prolonged life, it’s not a good idea to submerge the whole board or ride in heavy/torrential rains. The warranty does not cover water damage.


Can I ride it in the grass?

YES. You can cruise over grass, especially on the Sex Panther PRO with AT wheels on. Grass takes more energy to roll over than asphalt, so it will slow any board down and use more battery than it would on hard surfaces.


Can I ride the Sex Panther off-road? YES, throw on the cloudwheels or AT wheels and the Sex Panther will tear up the dirt. Be careful to avoid deep patches of loose sand or mud as they can stop you in your tracks. Other than that the powerful motors and big wheels combination can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.


Can I ride it in the sand?

Yes, you can ride it over damp or compacted sand - we recommend using AT wheels or cloudwheels for this. Keep in mind saltwater and sand will give the board more wear than normal riding - so be sure to clean it well after riding and remember the better you take care of it, the less likely you are to need replacement components in the future.


How does the Sex Panther handle extreme temperatures?



Is there a warranty?

Yes, we’ve got your back with a 6 month warranty that covers the entire board from defect or malfunction under normal use. If anything on the board should stop working, just hit up support at - our expert technicians will help you diagnose and get you rolling again in no time! The warranty doesn’t cover damage from misuse (including water damage), tampering or unauthorized alterations/repairs.


What if it's past the warranty or I broke it myself?

No stress, we still have your back with excellent support (from real humans in the US) and will help you purchase the correct part to get rolling ASAP.



Does the Sex Panther have lights? The stock boards do not include lights. However the Shred More Bundle includes a 4 pack of SL-200 Shredlights, Cloudwheels and the Miles Jetpack. The Shredlights have 200 Lumens of brightness each (2 headlights, 2 tail lights) and can run for up to 150 hours.


If I wear the wheels out, can I replace them? Yes, the Sex Panther uses standard skateboard wheels, and can be swapped in seconds with one turn of the included skate tool.


I just crashed and broke my_____ where can I get a replacement? You can find all replacement components here. Can’t find it? Email us at


Payments and Shipping

Where do you ship? How long will it take? How much is shipping?

After we build the boards, most orders outside the US will ship directly from the factory and arrive approximately 2-5 weeks after shipment. 

US orders will be shipped via container to San Diego and then via courier to your door, they'll arrive approximately 6 weeks after shipment from the factory. 

Please refer to this table for shipping rates and handling times. 

Note: There's an additional shipping fee for orders to Hawaii and Alaska. If you order from Hawaii or Alaska, please choose the corresponding add-on perk at checkout, it will cover the shipping to your door.


Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT? Our freight forwarder has reported the fees for most of the shipping locations are inclusive of taxes. If any additional taxes are levied, the backer is responsible. Please check your country's import duties before purchasing. It is 0% in the US and varies internationally - we'll do our best to minimize this for you.


Can I test one at your office?


Can I pick mine up in San Diego to avoid the shipping charge? Sorry, we can’t offer local pickup. We expect a very busy shipping season and to speed up all deliveries we will be shipping via UPS, Fedex and other couriers.



Do I need to wear a helmet?

We strongly recommend wearing a good helmet, especially considering the high speed of the Sex Panther. Accidents happen (ask Rob). A helmet can protect you from serious brain damage and even death. Not only that, it’s the law in many places. Bottom line: you and you alone are responsible for your own decisions, not us, not anybody else. Please don’t come crying to us if you crack your skull or get a ticket. We trust you’ll make the right decision for you each time you ride.

The Sex Panther is a high speed vehicle, NOT a toy! Check out this video where a helmet saved my friend’s life.

Other protective gear can save you from scrapes if you’re new to skating, riding hard or just clumsy. Please be safe out there!


Can you take it on an airplane? No, the Sex Panther's battery is 6.5 times higher capacity than that allowed by ICAO regulations for air travel. 


Is the Sex Panther legal to ride on my roads? Please check the regulations of your jurisdiction to find out where you can or can't ride. Above all, ride safely and responsibly. Your destiny is in your hands. We just help you get there faster.


Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world? Yes, the charger is rated 100-240V the standard charger is a US plug. We’ll do our best to match the plug to your country but no guarantee as this detail can slow shipping for all orders. If so you may need a plug adapter.


Are you hiring? Yes. If you love to shred and have creative talents, DM us on Facebook or Instagram