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Jerry H ★★★★★

This company is it. The product is incredible, backed by a tirelessly working staff. THERE IS NO BETTER ELECTRIC SKATE COMPANY. I ordered the phantom standard edition. Was able to pick it up on time with no issues and the roadrash on my knees and elbows are a testament to how freakishly fast the phantom is. If you are a big snowboarder like me, The board is essentially surfing the pavement and it feels exactly like pow. Around 100 miles, the back motor started clicking, but as a perk of supporting local, I was able to bring it into the store for a free tune-up and everything is 100 percent. I use this board daily for commuting around college and I can go faster than cars on campus. STOP LOOKING FOR A BETTER ESKATE BRAND. GO MILES🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

6 MONTH UPDATE: put over 1000 miles on the phantom no problem, the battery has appeared to sag slightly and I would estimate I have an actual range of 15-20 miles. I do ride at full throttle almost all the time however. Board is built solid and is still absolutely insane. No noticeable motor degradation.

Shane M ★★★★★

I never write reviews, as most aren’t necessary and I don’t think we as humans should develop opinions of things based on other’s experiences, but sometimes things are too good to keep to ourselves.

While my wife and I were on vacation in Ocean Beach, we were bummed out we didn’t have our skateboards. This led to conversations about electric skateboards, which we’ve talked about in the past as Krista loves skateboarding but hates pushing. We decided to see if there were any cheap ones on the marketplace while in San Diego. There were tons of CHEAP ones, which have always been questionable. We ran across one called Miles Board. We liked it’s size and overall design and after some research, found out that the company is based in San Diego and has a deep background in electric powered movers.

We met up with the seller, who was fantastic, tried the board out, liked it a lot, and he said that the company was great to work with. We struck a deal and off we went. The next day we noticed the board wasn’t charging. I figured to reach out to the company on Monday once they were open and get some insight. I asked the seller and he said they had never had an issue, but to keep him in the loop as he wanted to make it right (great dude!)

Monday morning we popped up to the Miles shop and we’re greeted by great folks who were SO HELPFUL! Ended up we just had a wrong charger and Miles gave us the updated correct one FREE OF CHARGE after hearing our story.

After the talk, we wanted to try out another one of their boards, the Phantom. We checked the specs and reviews online over the weekend and it seemed awesome, but the chance to try it out was a no brainer. WOW. WOW. Listen, I don’t e board, I skateboard. I want something that feels like a skateboard AND inspires confidence. This machine was it. My wife really loved it and it made her way more confident than the smaller one we purchased. As we left the store, we could t stop talking about how impressed we were by the staff, the board, and the experience. So impressed that we are actually heading back tomorrow to buy a Phantom!

If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard, put Miles at the top of your list. A premium product backed up by fine human beings.

Chase K ★★★★★

They’re customer service is great, they will help you with anything they can!

Ray E ★★★★★

The Miles Phantom - Hands down the most versatile electric skateboard that I've tried and finally owned (worth the wait)!   The size and weight is just right for any skateboarding activity and very responsive as well.  The brakes are awesome and makes me feel safe when shredding.   The stock wheels were excellent but changing it to the Cloudwheels was Cloud 9! Thank you Miles Board for making the best!  :-)

Kruse N ★★★★★

LOVE this Board. VERY HAPPY to have it in our Arsenal over here. STR8 FIRE 🔥💯🍻

Pedro P ★★★★★

Love the Phantom board, it's everything they say it is.

Also as important: customer service is great. To be honest, it took a bit to get going on helping me but, once they did, they were flawless. Easy and clear communication as well as great problem solving.

Special shout-out to Alissa from customer support.

Ben B ★★★★★

This board is my new daily driver to GCU, a four mile drive that can take up to 40 minutes in the morning due to traffic, now takes 20 and is a hell of alot more fun. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!

Eric G ★★★★★

There are companies who truly care about their customers and their product, and Miles Board is one of them, some of the kindest and most helpful staff I’ve ever dealt with, from the beginning of my shopping experience until weeks after having my board, they continued to support and answer any questions I had. Now onto the rampage I purchased, as an East Coast country bumpkin from Greene County Pennsylvania with insanely small town where there is almost nothing to do, this board has changed my life, I literally live on some of the hilliest terrain you could ever imagine, and this thing freaking shreds them, I go up ever single hill my town has to offer and literally tackles them with ease, I haven’t rode a board before this since literally 2011, and I got on this thing and felt like I haven’t missed a day, the controls make it easy to shift gears to higher or lower speeds, or reverse, and with the wrist protectors I wear I’m thankful for the throttle is designed. It took me very little time to get in rhythm with this board and I was shredding and carving like Michael Myers on Halloween night!! Also another thing I’d like to add, the miles team made it possible for a working man, who’s going to school, and has a kid able to finance a board with payments, seriously looking out for the customer!!!!!

Ryan B ★★★★★

The Phantom is even more than I hoped for when ordering. The acceleration and braking curves are very nice and comfortable, even level 3 is smooth as can be. There were a few hiccups in my order process and the company did more than make it right  to make sure I was happy.  A+”

Pavel K ★★★★

“Best electric longboard there is I did over 2000 miles on my rampage and no major issues. Just kind of hard to contact them.

Fred E ★★★★★

Been riding the Panther Pro(Belt Drive) for quite some time now, and all i can say is this board is nothing short EXCELLENT.

I love everything about this purchase.

The weight, the Design and performance is really amazing.

I'm new to both eBoard and Longboard hobby, so it took me at least a couple of tries to get used to the torque(w/c is HELLA POWERFUL), breaking smoothly, and just riding it in general.

I mostly ride at night twice a week, to and off from work which is a total of 8miles and never had any problems.

Can't wait for a group ride!!!!

Oxi D ★★★★★

Thank You Casey for handling my issue with the highest level of compassion and kindness.  You are a great asset to the team!!

Lin L ★★★★★

I've been loving my Phantom to pieces! This is amazing, I love cruising around it. Ludicrous fast, well built boards from Miles. Can't recommend enough.

Nursing some sore ribs from when I did a pretty good Superman impression, but hey, not the board's fault ;)

Julio C ★★★★★

Awesome board!! I’ve had mine for about 4 years and have used it wayyyyy too much and I love it! Never had any issues with it so you know its quality. Absolutely love my dual board. One of the best electric boards out there!

Michael S ★★★★★

Great company! They delivered my board as promised and it's definitely an upgrade from any boosted board. Would recommend it if you want to upgrade to a mid tier board.

Lee F ★★★★★

The BEST Pre-built E-board you can buy. I ordered the Miles Phantom Electric Skateboard when it was on Kick-Starter. When I received it a few months later, I opened the box, it was like a ray of sunshine hit me. The build quality is outstanding! The whole deck is made out of carbon fiber. Not only does it look good, it was lighter than I expected.

1st thing I did was swap out the stock wheels for the Cloudwheels that came with the bundle I ordered. Then charged the board and headed out to give the Phantom a go. Not knowing how the board was going to ride, I started out in speed mode 1. I now call that, baby mode. Good place to start if you have never e-sk8ed before. The board rode way smooth. So, I kicked it up to the 2nd speed setting. Before too long, I was cruising at 24 mph. For me, the drop-down deck works great. My feet fit perfectly where the deck drops on both sides. I felt locked in and stable. What to do next? I bumped it up to the 3rd mode, which I call, insanity mode. I was going 30+ mph with no problems. What a great rush!! So so much fun! Just a heads up, make sure you tighten the trucks up before going fast. Speed wobbles are no fun! And make sure you wear a helmet. Anything can happen.As for the battery life, it was very nice to have a board live up to what the company is saying. They are not kidding when they say, you can get 30+ mile in a ride. I did a few rides where I got that. Most the time, I think I’m average 24 miles on each charge. Range all depends on the surface conditions, hills and how hard you work the remote throttle. As of this review, I have 800 plus miles on my board so far, with-out a hiccup. It is still going strong! I have ridden many other boards and out of them all, this one is my favorite. So, if you are in the market for a good all-around electric board with minimal maintenance, this is your board.

Thank you to Rob and the Miles team for the hours of fun I have had and am going to have in the future.

Ricardo N ★★★★★

I'm an owner of three different boards....Teamgee, AZBO and Miles Board.

To say that Miles Board is the best would be an understatement.

Their Rampage Board (the one that I own) is light weight, has better performance, amazing mile range and an amazing aesthetic look compared to the competitors.

I've taken my Rampage Board everywhere you wouldn't think of going with it. It's traversed rocky terrain and sandy terrain with out any issues.

It's gone through forests and city's like it owns them.

I couldn't be any happier with it.

David R ★★★★★

I have both the Miles Phantom, and the Miles SexPanther, both are excellent board that live up to promises made during the indiegogo campaign when I purchased the board, in speed, range, and quality. Personally I prefer the SexPanther over the phantom simply because it allows me to have a wider stance on the board. They are both incredible machines, and I can't wait to see what Miles comes up with next!

Shawn C ★★★★★

My miles Dual rules. Good speed and range as well as super light so I can pack on my motorcycle to go skate. I love how you get the feel of a traditional skateboard yet still have the motors.

Brittany S ★★★★★

I’ve had my dual for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with how it performs. I use it for fun and also it’s often a tool for me as a videographer to help stabilize footage while moving. This thing shreds and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Real V ★★★★★

First off, Thank you Rob for introducing Milesboard to the world. I have been riding this board for just about 1 year now and have just over 2,000mi on the board and it still rips through the streets like the monster that it is. I ride almost everyday just because of the amazing feeling and enjoyment I get, riding this board gives you a free spirited feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of. You can cruise around at 8mph or be a blur at 30mph. I’ve had so many people stop what they are doing just to see me zoom by, take a video, or stop me to ask about the board.Their pupils basically become dilated😮 when I tell them about this amazing machine, The board is quiet, sleek and overall just beautiful, from the drop down carbon fiber deck to the silent motors. You can ride up to 30 miles on a single charge which saves A LOT on gas. Since purchasing this board I have met so many amazing people in the eskate community, everyone has been so helpful and welcoming. I’m 100% happy with my decision to purchase a Milesboard and I can’t wait to add another Milesboard to my future eskate collection.

Get a Milesboard if you want to ride for Miles! *pun intended*

M M ★★★★★
Miles Board is a Superior Electric Skateboard manufacturer! Their love for the sport really shows! I could go on for days, but all I gotta say is I’m riding a Miles Board for the rest of my life!

T D ★★★★★
Such a great experience with my phantom e-sk8. Really, really smooth and soooo fast. Not to be played by anyone! Here in France I can go everywhere in a blink!

Shelter U ★★★★★
Got the Miles Dual and been riding around for about a few days. The board was everything I hoped for and more, and the battery life lasts much longer than I was expecting it to.

Paris L ★★★★★
I bought my Rampage in 2020, and it is still going strong after everything I have put it through! I have taken it from the deserts of Utah to see just how fast I can push it, to the mountains to do a few hills. But what I love the most is riding to work and around the city, beats driving any day!

Charmy C ★★★★★
The phantom board is such a revolutionary piece of work! The material and wheels are super sturdy and made of high quality. The control of the speed is seamless. My dog, who is afraid of movements, actually discovered he loves standing on the board - it’s totally bizarre! I would recommend these boards to anyone who are into skateboards, or for anyone who want to try a new mode of transport.

John G ★★★★★
Yes…it really gives me butterflies! The Phantom was worth the wait. I grew up skateboarding and a few years ago got into esk8. January of this year I pulled the trigger on the phantom pre-order. It arrived in May and is simply gorgeous. I went with the pro version so my first move was to swap in the cloud wheels. The board is FAST and has plenty of TORQUE but that’s matched with the stiffness of carbon fiber. The drop deck allows you to lock-in with the board in a way not expected . The remote, with its easy to read screen feels good in your hand and compliments the board. Did I mention it’s really fast?! I’m super happy to have invested in the Phantom, my heart races just thinking about hopping on it now! (Seriously, the board is sick - you have been warned!)

Shauna G ★★★★★
Yes…it really gives me butterflies! The Phantom was worth the wait. I grew up skateboarding and a few years ago got into esk8. January of this year I pulled the trigger on the phantom pre-order. It arrived in May and is simply gorgeous. I went with the pro version so my first move was to swap in the cloud wheels. The board is FAST and has plenty of TORQUE but that’s matched with the stiffness of carbon fiber. The drop deck allows you to lock-in with the board in a way not expected . The remote, with its easy to read screen feels good in your hand and compliments the board. Did I mention it’s really fast?! I’m super happy to have invested in the Phantom, my heart races just thinking about hopping on it now! (Seriously, the board is sick - you have been warned!)

Anthony H ★★★★★
I’ve had my Miles Dual for a couple years now and it is as reliable as ever. The team was always there for me when I needed help with it.
When I was stationed in San Diego it was impossible to park on base as the parking lots were too over crowded to park in. So I turned to Milesboard to make my 3 mile commute easy and fun every day.

The great things about the board is it can go 18+ miles on a single charge, the wheels could be easily exchanged for only $12.00 at the time, (and trust me I went though a lot, they were on the softer side, but that’s ok because it just made the ride more comfortable). I was also able to easily add my own art work to the top of the board whenever I wanted to customize my ride by printing a poster of my art and using a clear grip tape to hold it all in place.
It lived up to what I bought it for and continues to do so. I am proud of this company.

Jay ★★★★★
The Miles Phantom is the PERFECT E-Board! I’ve been using it around San Diego to livestream on my youtube channel and it has never let me down. The battery life is AMAZING! It goes super fast but can also cruise when u want to slow things down and enjoy the scenery. The Miles Jet Pack is PERFECT for carrying your Phantom around into stores and restaurants as well. Next up ima try to upgrade on some new wheels! This board keeps getting better. Also, stop by the Miles Board headquarters in Morena Blvd, they are so awesome and will treat you well over there!

N. Shy ★★★★
Love the rampage and have put many miles on it. I would give it 5 stars but since I have the very first generation rampage and it not being water proof I’m giving it a 4 stars. Still with that being said. It’s a great board and miles has a great team and has been a great company since I bought day one. I hope they keep Innovating the rampage to make it greater than it is now!

Asaf A ★★★★★
Rad board, rad folks running the bizz.

I have used my Dual for a couple of years now riding in the summertime on my 6 mile commute to work, or just going out. Many people ask me about the board, and I LOVE the art on the dual grip tape, which is why it’s still my go to.

Armand V ★★★★★
Fantastic company with outstanding customer service! I have a miles Dual and have over 3000 miles on it so far and I’ve had 0 issues! I came from a boosted board that hardly lasted me over 100 before it had major problems so this is a way way better product! Highly recommended!

Agent E ★★★★★
I love my Miles Dual! It's light enough to carry around when needed, the remote is comfortable and responsive, and the dual motors make it fast, and more importantly make it stop reliably. The replacement deck lids are so cool, and easy to swap out. I did a ton of research before my purchase, and chose the Miles Dual. It did not disappoint me!

Bridger S ★★★★★
The rampage is a amazing board it’s very comfortable for someone who has been longboarding for years when I crashed for the first time I was near a dock and unfortunately it went in the water some locals so what happened and helped me fish it out it was pretty deep but even under the water the wheels were still spinning this was 2 years ago the friend I sold it to rents it out miles maybe a sister company to flx bike but they're heading In The right direction can’t wait for my duel to come.

Drix M ★★★★★
Miles Boards are the BEST electric skateboards on the market! I absolutely love my board. The battery has a great lifespan between charges, its lightweight and even has the power to pull not only myself but QUINTUPLETS all at the same time!! 10/10 recommend this board every single time!

Ade S ★★★★★
I stumbled upon Miles board early last year. I’ve always been into skateboarding, but nothing like what Miles had to offer, it was a game changer. I went from not only skating recreationally, but to using skateboards as a means of transportation. One of the most beautiful parts about owning a Miles board is seeing the curiosity and entertainment on people’s faces when I ride. I’m definitely a fan!

Haden M ★★★★★
I want to say firstly, that I have never ridden any eBoard as smooth and fast as the Miles Phantom. As a former Infantry Marine, I needed something to let loose and enjoy the scenery that I have in my disposal. Originally ridding the eboard that was once the staple of the industry fell through. I needed something a little more sleek and fast. Something that had more push and more kick. Something that had the range of 30miles and could further exceed 30mph "depending on the size of wheel and your personal height and weight index". Regardless you will never be disappointed with Miles and the new Staple of EBoard's, The Phantom! As for the team, great job engineering and designing such a beautiful piece of machinery. As for Rob Rast, thanks for delivering and keeping promises. 10/10 if possible.

Matt H ★★★★★
I cannot say enough about Miles Board, whether I am cruising around the streets or the skate park here in Salem, MA. It is eye turner, and handles amazingly. I ACTUALLY THINK THAT I HAVE ALLOWED Others more of an opportunity to use the miles board when out and about and their feedback is the same as mine: It awesome, it handles incredibly and then I refer them over to the site to get their own! Now that the Haunted Happenings Parade is back on in Salem, MA. I am trying to incorporate this year's Halloween costume with my miles board for maximum haunting effect while cruising down the streets of Salem, Ma and celebrating the horror-day! Any suggestions or ideas on a great costume while using my miles board? I will use the best idea and post it here for everyone! THANK YOU! KEEP ON SKATING EVERYONE! MilesBoard Forever!!

Devin T ★★★★★
I got the dual and I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. I’ve rode almost every brand of eboard out there and let me tell you this thing packs a punch. Don’t let the size fool you, this board has crazy torque and even battery range. This board is absolutely perfect for commuting in a college or anything similar. It is very light and easy to carry around if you need to! Very impressed!!!!!!

Michael W ★★★★★
Super impressed! Have been following these guys since last Fall through the launch of the Phantom, and the Pre-launch of the X-Panther.

While in SD, I decided to drop by the Miles Shop with a friend to see if we could have a look at the boards in person. Was welcomed by Anthony and other team members, all super friendly and full of info. Had the opportunity to test both boards, and WOW what an experience.

Long story short, I have full confidence in Miles Boards, their products, and the team. Following my visit, I jumped in and pre-ordered a Panther Pro.

Super stoked. Way to go guys🤙🏼

Jordan P ★★★★★
I would never order an electric board except from Miles Board. This is my second time getting a board my first board I loved it so it was time to upgrade to a dual motor. I live in the north so it is hard for me to ride all year around but when it is nice out I did not hesitate to take my miles board for a stroll around the beach. Miles board quality is like none other. Whether it is going uphill or downhill the miles board gets you from place A to place B then back to place A. Never had any problems with my first board cannot wait to see the second board. I purchased the lights as well for night time riding those will be fun and sick. Whether you want to cruise around or take it up a notch Miles Board does it all. I would highly recommend this brand of E-boards to anyone. The management is great if there is any problems or questions you have they are more then willing to help and answer any questions. Miles Board is the best electric skateboard out there.

Rich S ★★★★★
I just really want to say thank you. I know how much work all this must be and all the effort you guys put into the boards, customer service, shipping, making sure everything is working, etc.
Really thank you for bringing joy in the form of these boards and bikes to people. I really hope it makes them and you as happy as it makes me😃 Rob and his whole team definitely get a well deserved, big thumbs up💪🏼😎

Alexander W ★★★★★
Love my Miles Board. I love to keep things local and when I found Miles Board was a local San Diego brand, I was all in. Not only is the board fast as a bat out of hell, it’s also beefy. I feel like it would take a tank to shut this board down. I popped into their shop the other day and all the employees were super friendly and willing to help with any questions I had. All around 5 stars!!

Gabe E ★★★★★
U know what I had a lil problem but I'm mailing my board to Miles factory an there fixing my board for me i got no complaints 5 stars thanks guys can't wait to shred again.

Oscar P ★★★★★
I’ve had this board for about a month and has made my commutes a blast. Saves me time to clock in at work putting more money in my pocket. I own a single Miles, and it rips the streets like nothing! Has great battery life, great acceleration, great feel, look! Just everything about this board is a must! Not only does it work with the included controller but you can also use it like a normal board to cruise down some paths. The customer service has been beyond as well! There’s always someone to answer questions calls or to even hook you up. Shoutout to Rob the owner for being there to help along the way. Going to keep shredding this board and most likely getting another! Why just because! Don’t let me get started on how flexible changing your grip is as well!
Miles board for life!!

Nicholas N ★★★★★
Staff is great! I got to demo a board before my purchase. I love it.

Steven C ★★★★★
Been meaning to leave a review for this awesome board!
I’ve had this for nearly a month now. Great controls! Smooth brakes! Even with one motor, it can give you a good cruising speed. There are two settings (advance and beginner). And just like every board you get, it’s always slightly different in accelerations and brakes. Overall, It’s a great board!

Deanna N ★★★★★
By far the best electric longboard on the market. The ride is so smooth and you can even ride it without using power. Love my miles!

Gabriel E ★★★★★
I’ve been skateboarding for 10 years. I’ve wanted and looked into Eboards for the last 4 years. The miles board is without a doubt the most fun, economical, and illest Eboard on the market. I rip in the north eastern part of AZ 7k feet in the sky and it’s pure joy. 🤘🏼

Charlie W ★★★★★
The best electric skateboard I have ever ridden, it wasn’t too expensive and it rides super smoothly and cruises through streets and sidewalks effortlessly. Awesome customer service always thinking about what’s best for you. I would recommend this board or shop to any one even considering something like this. Definitely makes San Diego just a little bit brighter.

Caitlin T ★★★★★
It was my very first electric board and I immediately fell in love. It's a really good way to get around SD and just fun! It came in handy when I had to park really far away from my ship. Also a head turner everywhere, nobody's seen a board like this before and I love getting stopped with compliments. I even bumped into someone on my ship with the same board and we made good friends together. Thanks again for the ride!

Jake H ★★★★★
Don't listen to any other review except for this one. Here is the thing:
OMG if you don't have an electric skateboard by now you need to get one because I can definitively say that my overall happiness level has increased since I got one. How?
Every time I ride one my state changes. Like the chemistry in my brain changes, and that is just enough to change my overall mood for that day. Afterwords, I feel different because I am in a more positive mood, and once I am in this place it changes the course of my day for the better.

The biggest use case for me is that it saves soooo much time looking for parking. I no longer care about finding parking because I can just park on the outskirts of whatever event I'm going to and just skate in. I save money on parking and I save a lot of time each day not having to walk. I love walking, don't get me wrong but I like saving time even more.

The best example for my life is that I live in Pacific Beach, and there isn't hardly any street parking, so I literally have to park like 4 blocks away from my house each night. That is a lot of time walking to the car in the morning. Now, I just ride to my car each day. Throw the board in the trunk, and then when I get back I just park, and then ride the 3-4 blocks home. Easy.

Buy an electric skateboard like ASAP if you hate looking for parking. It will change your life in a subtle way but if you add up every single day, then overall it will make a big difference long term.

Ronald R ★★★★★
I’ve had a miles dual for about 4 months now, this thing is a blast! At first I was a bit concerned that the board would be slow or not perform as intended because I’m 5’11” ~210lbs, but this thing screams! I have no problem hitting 22mph as I shred down the boardwalk. At one point I took a spill where I landed on top of the remote pretty hard, so I contacted the dudes at miles and they were super fast and friendly to get me back in the game. Board performance 10/10; board aesthetics 11/10; customer service 10/10. I recommend the boards to everyone!