Team Miles with their Phantom electric skateboards

Our Story

Miles Board

In 2018 Miles Board was founded with a simple mission: to build high performance electric skateboards you can rely on everyday

No more oversized boards

Designed to be a lightweight electric skateboard in an industry filled with large clunky boards. The Dual has paved the way for practicality of electric skateboards.


The Rampage features a wood deck similar to traditional longboards. The wood deck absorbs the force and allows you to take on adverse terrain.

Shortboard with attitude
The Phantom

The Phantom was designed to stand up to powerful boards with both speed and range without having the big body. The drop down deck was added to allow proper footing when going at high speeds.

The head turner
The Sex Panther

Nothing was held back when making this board. The Sex Panther can be a street speed demon or a off roading machine

Easily carry your board
The JEtPAck

It can be tough to carry your board. The Jetpack was designed with functionality in mind but we took it one step further adding every gadget that could be needed for skating... even a tow rope for your friend who wishes they had an electric skateboard too.

Meet Our founder

Rob Rast, the founder of Miles has always had a passion for green tech, surfing and skating. He’s always chasing the next adrenaline rush through hobbies like skating, riding motorcycles or flying planes. He truly is a speed junkie. That’s why in 2018 he created Miles Board to bring his love for speed to life.

At the time, most electric skateboards on the market were clunky and underperforming. That's why Miles was started with the goal of creating sleek skateboards with speed and performance as a priority. It’s also important that we do our part for the environment, getting people out of cars and onto boards. Rob strives to push boundaries on how far an electric board can take someone on a single charge, with the hope that your board can help you commute anywhere.