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The Sex Panther family stretches coast to coast, from places like New York City all the way to our headquarters in San Diego!

indiegogo success

The Sex Panther was the fourth board we launched on Indiegogo and was 100% fulfilled in just 5 months.


The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles
The Sex Panther | Miles

The Sex Panther

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The Sex Panther Electric Skateboard

customer reviews


This board is nothing short EXCELLENT.
I love everything about this purchase.

Fred E.

I never write reviews, as most aren’t necessary and I don’t think we as humans should develop opinions of things based on other’s experiences, but sometimes things are too good to keep to ourselves.

Shane E.

While in SD, I decided to drop by the Miles Shop with a friend to see if we could have a look at the boards in person. Was welcomed by Anthony and other team members, all super friendly and full of info. Had the opportunity to test both boards, and WOW what an experience.

Michael W.

Personally I prefer the Sex Panther over the Phantom simply because it allows me to have a wider stance on the board. They are both incredible machines, and I can't wait to see what Miles comes up with next

David R.

30 mph speeds

The 3000W peak output can push a rider up to 30 MPH.

40 mile range

This massive 648 Wh battery can keep the adventure going for up to 40 miles of fun.

carbon fiber deck

This hand laid carbon fiber deck stealthly integrates the Sex Panther's massive battery and keeps it protected.

direct drive/belt drive

Choose between the stealthy direct drive system or increase torque with the belt drive system.


The Panther is compatible with ABEC, KEGEL, and our All-Terrain Wheels Adapters.


Carve your heart out with these dual pivoting trucks, made to increase stability at high speeds while keeping cornering ability.

Miles Board vs. The Competition

How does the Sex Panther compare to the other guys?

What makes a Sex Panther the best?

The Sex Panther is unmatched in specs. Built with all the latest tect, the Panther can blast up to 30 MPH and carry up to 33l0bs. Cruise up to 40 miles on one charge and keep the adventure rolling with 3000W motors. Glide over any hill, bump, crack, or puddle.


direct drive/belt drive

Hi, I'm Rob Rast. Founder and CEO of Miles Board.

We launched Miles Board in 2017 with one goal. We wanted to show the world electric vehicles don't have to be big bulky contraptions. They can be sleek, sexy, and most of all - something you'll be proud to ride.

Together with our sister company, FLX Bike, we've sold over $17 Million in electric vehicles on Indiegogo alone. At one point, there were so many orders that we actually moved into the factory to personally oversee and inspect every detail of production.

There were challenges every step of the way. We put our heads down, worked past obstacles and delivered on every order placed. Now we're ready to serve you in a way that's bigger and better than ever before...

So join us, for the ride of your life.

Rob, and Team Miles

meet our founder

Rob Rast, the founder of Miles has always had a passion for green tech, surfing and skating. He’s always chasing the next adrenaline rush through hobbies like skating, riding motorcycles or flying planes. He truly is a speed junkie. That’s why in 2018 he created Miles Board to bring his love for speed to life.

At the time, most electric skateboards on the market were clunky and underperforming. That's why Miles was started with the goal of creating sleek skateboards with speed and performance as a priority. It’s also important that we do our part for the environment, getting people out of cars and onto boards. Rob strives to push boundaries on how far an electric board can take someone on a single charge, with the hope that your board can help you commute anywhere.

save money

Okay, so you’ve probably seen the prices of gas recently. Is pretty crazy right? 

It really is skyrocketing. 

I hear what you’re thinking… What does this have to do with a Sex Panther?! 

Well our team or wizards and wizgirls calculated the price of charging a Sex Panther compared to the price of filling up your car with gas. 

SAVE UP TO $1620


You could of paid off the price of this beauty with the money you saved in just 6 months.  

Now you can’t tell me that isn’t better investment than crypto.

So if you’re looking for that nostalgic thrill again, a way to SAVE money, and a way to blast past all your friends and make them jealous then click one of the options below and purchase now.


We like to fulfill orders as fast as possible, that's why we operate on 2-3 business day shipping model.

Yes. This speed is based on real world testing with GPS tracking. 

With the stock 97mm wheels, the Sex Panther can hit speeds up to 30mph. With the 105mm cloudwheels, the Sex Panther can hit 30+ mph. 

Stay tuned for a video speed test. 

Note: Top speed can vary with conditions like rider weight, terrain and wind. We’re curious to see who will be crowned speed king. Please ride safe.

On the standard 97mm wheels, we estimate a real world range of up to 40 miles on the Sex Panther (Direct Drive) and up to 35 miles on the Sex Panther PRO (Belt Drive).

Range will vary with rider weight and conditions. If you weigh less you’ll likely get longer range, if you weigh more, you’ll likely get less. 

With the Cloudwheels or AT wheels, you can expect the range to decrease.

If you weigh less than 330lbs, that’s a big YES. Though we often ride 2 up for a combined weight of ~350lbs, we can’t officially endorse it. Performance will decline with increased weight and the boards are not officially tested past 330lbs.

Yes, we’ve got your back with a 6 month warranty that covers the entire board from defect or malfunction under normal use. If anything on the board should stop working, just hit up support at - our expert technicians will help you diagnose and get you rolling again in no time! The warranty doesn’t cover damage from misuse (including water damage), tampering or unauthorized alterations/repairs.

Please check the regulations of your jurisdiction to find out where you can or can't ride. Above all, ride safely and responsibly. Your destiny is in your hands. We just help you get there faster.