The Difference between Wheels

The Difference between Wheels
Not every wheel is created equally, we offer a variety of different wheels to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want to go out for a laid back cruise, or have an off-road adventure, we have the wheels for you. Our wheels come in different colors, designs, and sizes, you can be sure to find a style suited to your taste. If you are looking for wheels to take your skating to the next level, check out our guide to see what will fit you best. 
The Miles Dual Wheels help with an easy-going skate day around town or for your day-to-day commute. If you were interested in spicing up your ride, our wheels are also offered in pink to provide that hint of color you may be looking for. These wheels also come in black for people who are looking for something more toned down. *Only compatible with the Miles Dual Board*
With an out-of-the-box look and design to these wheels, with their see-through appearance, you will be skating on a cloud. These wheels are offered in multiple colors (black, orange, purple, red, and blue) to fit any style. The Cloudwheels are offered in two sizes, 105mm and 120mm. These wheels have an ABEC core. The 105mm go great on the Phantom or Sex Panther. The 120mm is a little too big for the Phantom, but is perfect for the Sex Panther. Why does size matter? The larger the wheel, the better they can go over bumps and cracks. 
Our ABEC Glow Wheels work great with any kind of e-skateboard ABEC wheel adapter. Currently, the wheels are only offered in Pink, if you are looking for wheels that would provide a pop of color for your deck, these would be a great option. With a diameter of 97mm and a 56mm contact patch, it makes them a little bigger than your normal longboard whose contact patch is between 45mm-55mm. Having bigger wheels will help with control and steering when you hit the streets. Bonus! These bad boys light up, if you're into riding at night, these will help illuminate you AND the road.
True to their name, these wheels are designed for the Sex Panther. Looking to take your board off-road? These are the best wheels for you. They can handle  some of the roughest terrain. Big bumps? Dips? Packed sand? These wheels will master all of it. By adding on the All-Terrain Wheels there won’t be a place that your board can’t go. Tip! If you have the Direct Drive Sex Panther, you will need to pick up the All-Terrain Wheel Adaptor to make these compatible. 
These are your classic street wheels. All of our boards come standard with them. They are perfect for someone who needs a lot of speed, range, and sticks primarily to smooth terrain. Similar to some of our other wheels, these have an ABEC core and are easy to maintain. 
No matter what you might do with your e-skateboard, or the kind of lifestyle you might have, we have a set of wheels that are a perfect fit. If you have more of a relaxed lifestyle and strictly cruising, then the Glow Wheels or Cloudwheel would be a good fit. With more of an extreme lifestyle and looking to get more out of your e-board, then the All-Terrain Wheels would be the best fit for those off-road trails. 

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