Sex Panther Reviews

Sex Panther Skateboard reviews

See what professionals from around the world have to say about The Sex Panther.

David Manning 

See the Sex Panthers' harshest critic. David is an up and coming vlogger with a knack for adventure. He has fantastic filmmaking skills and puts The Sex Panther to the test. 

Dallas and Aimee

Dallas and Aimee share a youtube channel full of travel vlogs and reviews on the things they love. Dallas is a huge fan of e-skating and gives a full depth review on the Sex Panther. When I say full depth... I mean full freakin depth. Dallas has never reviewed a Miles board in just one video. Take some time to check out his videos on the board!

The First Reaction:

All-Terrain Test:

 Full Review:

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    I’ve had my board since release. I’ve gone through 3 sets of tires and a dozen innertubes. I ride on the streets in Vegas and I don’t hesitate to cut across a grassy yard or rally on when the sidewalk end. The board is sick.
    Sadly I was the deck broke. It folded in the back right behind the battery, all the way across before the tail the trucks are attached to.

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