Safety Tips for Riding in the Dark

Safety Tips for Riding in the Dark
Riding in the dark can allow you to see your city or town in a whole new way, but how do you ride safely? Whether you're riding in the dark because you're a commuter and have to be to work before the sun rises, or you're going on a joy ride and staying out late, we have tips and tricks to make your dark rides enjoyable and safe.
  1. Invest in Shred Lights - Already have lights? Great! You're off to a nice start. If you don't have lights on your board, we STRONGLY suggest you invest in a set. Riding at night has risks, but being able to see the road in front of you and having rear taillights for those coming up behind, can help prevent accidents. If you don't have the funds to buy Shred Lights, we suggest getting a headlamp, they are usually inexpensive and can be bought at most general stores. 
  2. Wear a Reflective Jacket -Want cars to easily see you as you're cruising along the road? Wear a jacket that is made up of a reflective material, or at minimum has some reflective strips, this will help you be noticed by cars and hopefully they will give you a little more space.
  3. Wear Gloves - Is it a little chilly when the sun goes down? If you're anything like us, when your hands get cold, they don't react as fast. Wearing riding gloves will help keep your hands warm, giving you more control of the remote, and if any accidents occur, they will hopefully protect your hands from getting hurt.
  4. Helmets are a must - The most important piece of safety equipment is a helmet. Falls happen to the best of us, protect that dome by wearing a high quality helmet. Some helmets have built in lights on the back, giving you a little more piece of mind that those around you will notice you. Worried about not looking cool while wearing a helmet? Brands like Thousand Helmets are coming out with sleek, nice designs, so you can be protected and still look cool. Plus, being safe and smart is always cool in our opinion. 
  5. Share your Location with Family or a Friend - We recommend letting someone know where you're going. The last thing you want to do is go out for a relaxing night ride, get home, and your loved ones are all upset because they didn't know where you went. Call us overcautious, but having people know where you are can prevent concern, and if something does happen, you'll hopefully have someone available to help you out.
Those are our 5 tips to stay safe while riding in the dark. Have some suggestions of your own? We always love to hear from our riders on what they do for safety. Enjoy your night rides and shred safe!

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