Range Test

Range Test

Rob and The Miles Team met up with Gialong to test just how far the Sex Panther and Phantom could go compared to the Evolve GTR Bamboo. 

This is the first official range test we have had with the Sex Panther. It took us two video to complete!

Here are the different component types we tested. 

Evolve GTR Bamboo, standard 97mm wheels - 25 miles

Sex Panther Direct Drive, standard 97mm wheels - 40 miles

Sex Panther Belt Drive, standard 97mm wheels - 33.6 miles

Sex Panther Belt Drive, all-terrain pneumatic tires - 21 miles

Sex Panther Belt Drive, Cloudwheels 105mm - 26 miles 

Phantom Direct Drive, Cloudwheels 105mm - 24 miles 

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