Phantom Reviews

Phantom Reviews

You've heard how much we love the Phantom, but what do the professionals have to say?

Check out all these videos from e-skate reviewers! (no, we don’t pay them to say nice things)

 Ronnie Sarmiento 

Ronnie is a youtube star! He creates reviews and vlogs based on action sports tech. He produces honest, high quality content and never misses an opportunity to have fun on motorized transportation.



Josh Medlin

Josh is a top class videographer that reviews and vlogs about the things he loves most. Naturally, he wanted to make a video reviewing the Phantom. In this beautifully shot video Josh dives into all his thoughts and concerns on the Miles Phantom.


David Manning

David is a professional photographer and videographer (despite what he may say) who is passionate about vlogging. David keeps it real for his viewers and doesn't sugar coat anything. See his full review of the Phantom!


Dallas and Aimee

Dallas and Aimee share a youtube channel full of travel vlogs and reviews on the things they love. Dallas is a huge fan of e-skating and gives a full depth review on the Phantom. When I say full in depth... I mean full freakin in depth. Dallas has never reviewed a Miles board in just one video. Take some time to check out his videos on the board!

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