Miles Board Presents: The Board Room

Miles Board Presents: The Board Room

The Miles team is officially hosting 'The Board Room' live show!
We will be hosting these shows periodically through out the year (don't worry we'll give fair warning before so you don't miss out). 

What happens on the show? 

Multiple Giveaways:

We will be giving away multiple items on every live show we have. In order to get the prize you must be present on the live.

Limited Time Discounts:

There will be limited time discounts during the show. You will receive the code during the show and it will only remain active for a few hours, so you need to act quick if you want to cash in.

Release of a Brand New Product:

In this first episode we reveal the newest Miles product, show it in action, and answer any questions you may have. Not every episode will have a new product release but we do hope to make it a common trend on our show. 

New Content:

New videos, ads, and pictures will be displayed on the show. No, it isn't just Miles Board ads. It's spoof videos, action shots, new product displays, and more engaging content. The point of the show is not to advertise our product, but rather to bring the e-skate community together, understand what the community needs and progress the activity we love so much. 

A chance to talk to the team

Your voice will be heard. If you have questions, concerns, or even advise we are all ears here at Miles. The goal of the show is to build a connection between Miles and our riders. Therefore, communication is key. 

Enjoy the show!

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