Miles Board Support

Miles Board Support

To keep open communication with our customers we use the Zendesk support system to handle incoming queries.

Anytime you contact us, a ticket is created and stays open until someone from the team completely resolves it.

Submit a Support Request Ticket - CLICK HERE


Lost your manual and need a new one? 

Not to worry! All our manuals are available for download online. 

See All Board Manuals - CLICK HERE

Our customer support team is here to help assist you in your eBike purchasing journey and after purchase as well!

If you want more specific information on bikes themselves make sure to go to our home page or look through our blogs for vital information!

Shipping Questions?

Shipping times are always an estimation, as we can only control so much in regards to shipping but we will ensure we stay in touch when changes occur. Thanks for understanding!

Other Questions?

Customers are always welcome to contact us directly here on our direct phone line at 901-602-4877. We take calls as they come in and do our best to return any missed calls within 24 hours.

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