Maintain A Safe Distance

Maintain A Safe Distance

One of the first things you learn when driving is to maintain a safe distance - and it’s no different for electric skateboards, motorcycles or any other vehicle. The faster you’re going, the more room you need to stop and the faster things can get out of control.

I crashed not because I ran into something, but because I was riding too close to another rider. The other rider went down and his board went right in my path. Because of my proximity - there was no time to react appropriately. 

Rather than hot dogging right next to my buddy at high speed, if I had maintained separation, I’d be out riding right now instead of asking my girlfriend to empty my pee bottle (again). 

So the next time you ride, ask yourself these questions:

If the rider in front of me suddenly crashed, could I stop in time?

If the door of that car opened, do I have space and time to get around it?

If this car doesn’t see me and makes a turn, can I evade it?

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