How To Change Out Wheels On A Belt Drive Board

Attaching Pneumatic wheels on skateboard

Changing out your wheels can be a stressful process. Especially, with those big pneumatic tires. Luckily, you'll be changing wheels with your eyes closed in no time!

This video walks you through switching standard 97mm wheels to 155mm pneumatic tires. When adding the 155mm wheels you'll also have to attach the bigger wheel adapters (which is demonstrated in the video).

Note: If you are attaching Cloudwheels or standard Abec wheels you will not need to attach the bigger wheel adapter. 

If you continue to have problems with the wheel changing process don’t hesitate to reach out to our mechanics at

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  • Mike

    Hello, looking to see which belt assembly is needed for the 120 Cloud Wheels on the X Panther. Would like to order additional spare belts.

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