Enjoy The Fresh Air On Your Skateboard!

Enjoy The Fresh Air On Your Skateboard!

Working at the office has been a lot harder when I know there's warm weather and sunny days ahead! Spring days are some of my favorite days to ride my Miles Board (I love my Phantom). I can rely on it for my daily commute because I don't need to worry about bad weather, it's great! 


I know you're probably wondering what the perfect spring activity would be on your board. I've compiled a list of some great ways to incorporate skating into your spring routine.

  • Go for a ride on a beachfront boardwalk (sorry to all of those who can't do that) 
  • Take your board off-roading and enjoy the spring wildflower bloom! 
  • Ride to pick up some ice cream and food.
  • Ride around campus! (you'll be the coolest kid in school


  • Take your dog for a run along side your board 
  • Commute to work on your board (trust me this is by far the most fun way to get to work)
  • Take your board Camping and explore the area (you'll be surprised what you can find)

If you're a San Diego Local 

  • Ride around Fiesta Island 
  • Cruise Sunset Cliffs during golden hour
  • Ride your board while strawberry picking in Carlsbad 
  • Carve around Coronado Island 
  • Cruise downtown San Diego and bay front

Share your favorite spring activity with your Miles Board on social with #springmiles to be featured in our future blog posts and social media accounts. 

Enjoy spring and happy riding!!

Team Miles

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