Here we are in 2022 and Electric Skateboards are growing in popularity along the likes of One Wheels, Electric Bikes, and E-Scooters, so much that it seems that almost everyone has tried at least one and loved it. Here is why an Electric Skateboard is the perfect city explorer for anyone getting into the ESK8 world, especially those looking to rekindle that sense of adventure in their lives. Here are five ways an Electric Skateboard can help you find just that.

1. Electric Skateboards are extremely convenient. They are small enough to be thrown in the back of a car and light enough to carry in your hands. E-bikes are big and heavy and becoming more and more restricted every day. While they have extended ranges, they trade in weight reduction for performance and are not conducive to anyone who lives in a second story domicile. Self-balancing boards are popular but if you are looking for pure performance, Electric Skateboards are going to be more reliable outright. Electric Skateboards don't require power to keep the rider in a neutral position. If you lose power or go too fast, self-balancing boards exhaust their power output and cause the power to disconnect, sending into a nose dive and leaving you on the ground. The Electric Skateboard is the natural solution to every problem presented by its electric peers. It's lightweight, has extended range, and outpowers almost any Electric Personal Vehicle (EPV) on the market. Its ease of use makes choosing to go on a ride easy. You don't have to lug it down stairs or maneuver between doorframes. You just grab it, turn it on, and explore more of the places you love.

2. "Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It." Try driving around and taking your eyes off the road. You're probably going to have a bad time craning your neck to see that cool thing you're distracted by. On an E-board, the experience is entirely different. The ability to stop whenever, turn around with ease, and the overall riding experience makes an Electric Skateboard perfect for exploring areas with ease. You don't have to worry about parking, navigating new streets, or any other worries you may have with driving. Just go where you want to with ease.

3. Most of the time, buying the latest tech means you are going to spend a lot of times indoors using it. Computers, TVs, and everything in between will mostly keep you out of the sun. An electric skateboard contains the latest tech, but it requires you to be out in the sun. It's the perfect way to get your daily sun and burn some calories enjoying the great outdoors.

4. Whenever I decide it's time to go outside, I'm always worried about the heat. There is nothing worse than going on a quick trip to the store and coming back drenched in sweat. While an Electric Skateboard may not have AC, it does have the ability to go pretty fast. Just like your hand dolphining outside your car window as you drive, you'll feel the best breeze you could ever ask for rush over your entire body. Even if it's hot out, the 30MPH winds will keep you cool and refreshed.

5. The best part about an Electric Skateboard is meeting new people. No matter where you go, someone will be curious about what you are riding. Whether it's strangers or a group of ESK8 riders, the Electric Skateboard community is a perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. In almost every city, there is likely a growing ESK8 community that would be beyond happy to have you join. Locally in San Diego, "San Diego ESK8" is one of those entities. They often have weekly rides and partner up with many sponsors to give away free gear on their rides. Check them out here.

So there is it. Five reasons why an Electric Skateboard can help you find adventure.

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