Can The Dual Survive The Cold?

E-board broken down

"How does the board handle seriously cold weather?"

While this was just a few minutes at an extremely cold temperature, the board did better than us. It's tough to imagine you'll be able to ride in any weather cold enough to shut the board off!

As with all batteries, the lower the temperature, the lower the discharge rate and capacity of the battery. For example, at 10 below freezing, the battery can discharge at about 40% of its normal capacity. The board will still work at this temperature however, your max power, speed, and range will decrease... The good news is the motors and battery will heat up slightly during use to improve power and range.

There is definitely a temperature at which the battery won't be able to power on the board. Luckily, we've never been cold enough to experience this, but according to data from our battery supplier, we believe it's around -25 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, we recommend finding a loved one and cuddling up by the fire before you go out and shred ice!

Storing the board indoors at room temperature before going out into extreme cold will greatly increase the performance under cold temperatures as the internals will be closer to ideal operating temperature.

Check out this video of the Dual going through extreme weather conditions!

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