Boosting Your Ride: How to Improve Battery Life for Your Electric Skateboard with Miles Board

Boosting Your Ride: How to Improve Battery Life for Your Electric Skateboard with Miles Board

Who doesn't love the adrenaline rush of cruising on an electric skateboard? The wind in your hair, the thrill under your feet, and the freedom to navigate as you please—all hallmarks of the modern skating experience. However, the only downside of this urban adventure is a dwindling battery that cuts your ride short. Fear not, fellow skate enthusiasts, because we're here to unveil the secrets to extending your electric skateboard's battery life! And guess what? Miles Board, the brand inspired by everyday reliability and high performance, has got your back.

Why Battery Life Matters

In the world of electric skateboarding, the battery is your magic carpet's power source. Essentially, it dictates how long you can ride through city streets, campuses, or parks. A dead battery mid-commute or during an exhilarating glide can be a buzzkill. Thus, understanding and optimizing battery life is paramount for maximizing your experience.

1. Start with a Quality Ride: Choose Miles Board

Before delving into battery life hacks, starting with a top-notch electric skateboard is key. Founded in 2018, Miles Board has blown minds with its mission to deliver high-performance, dependable electric skateboards fit for daily fun and functionality. These boards are engineered to give you a powerful ride without compromising battery longevity. With Miles Board skateboards, you’re already starting on the right foot — or wheel.

2. Optimize Riding Habits

Believe it or not, how you ride can significantly affect your skateboard’s battery life. Maintain a steady speed instead of rapid acceleration. Sudden bursts can deplete the battery faster. Gentle, gradual speed increases lead to a more efficient ride.

3. Weight Matters

While electric skateboards are often designed to carry hefty loads, minimizing weight can enhance battery life. Keep it light—don’t overload your board with extra baggage, and be mindful of what you carry. The less strain you put on your skateboard, the longer your battery will last.

4. Terrain Awareness

Navigating different terrains wisely can save juice. Flat surfaces are battery-friendly, while steep hills demand more power. Plan routes that involve gentle slopes and fewer inclines. If hills are unavoidable, consider alternating between walking and riding uphill to conserve energy.

5. Regular Maintenance Checks

Ensure that your skateboard is in tip-top shape with regular maintenance checks. Tires should be adequately inflated, and any unnecessary frictions need addressing. Clean and lubricate components as needed. A well-maintained skateboard runs more efficiently, conserving battery life.

6. Smart Charging Practices

The charging routine you adopt has a big impact on battery life. Avoid overcharging or fully discharging your battery. Instead, charge your skateboard to about 80-90% and start a recharge before it drops under 20%. This practice can significantly extend the battery's lifespan.

7. Battery Care in Off-Season

If you’re not using your skateboard for a while, store it with the battery charged to around 50%. Extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold, can decrease battery lifespan, so store your board in a temperate environment.

8. Equip with Spare Batteries

Sometimes you just need that extra bit of mileage. Investing in a spare battery can be a lifesaver for longer commutes or adventurous rides. Miles Board offers high-quality, easily swappable batteries, so you’re never left stranded.

Miles Board By Your Side

As a brand born from the desire to create reliable electric skateboards, Miles Board continuously innovates to bring you the best. The ergonomic designs ensure that each board not only performs exceptionally but also integrates features that prolong battery life. From regenerative braking systems that capture and reuse energy to smart battery management systems, Miles Board encompasses everything you've read about here.

Endless Rides Ahead

Riding your electric skateboard shouldn’t be a race against the battery meter. By implementing these practical tips and aligning with a brand that understands your thrill—like Miles Board—you can extend those joyous riding moments significantly. Feel the reliability, experience the power, and catch the stoke every time you hop on a Miles Board skateboard. Here’s to endless rides and infinite adventures!

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