Best Ways To Carry Your Electric Skateboard

Guy carrying electric skateboard with back pack

Carrying around your electric skateboard may seem like a challenge but it can be effortless if done right. Here are some expert tips on carrying your board when you can't ride it.

The Miles Jetpack

The Miles Jetpack was specially designed to carry any of the Miles boards with ease. Simply strap in the board and zip up the side. The Jetpack also has two straps in the front and a padded back that ensures you're getting the most support and comfort. 

Shopping Carts

If you're going to the grocery store I highly recommend putting your board in your shopping cart. If you're buying a lot at the grocery store you can always stick your board in the bottom compartment of the shopping cart. 

Hand Held

Some people think holding your board by hand isn't an ideal option but it definitely can be. If you have a long board you can hold one truck and allow the wheels to roll as you walk with the board. Be sure to carry the motor side if you have a belt drive board so that the wheels can roll easily. 

Bring A Friend

Having your friend carry your board for you is by far the most effective method of carrying a board. The Miles Jetpack comes with a tow rope, so you can tow your friend who doesn't have an electric skateboard.... then they can carry it around when you're done riding. Seems like a fair trade. 

There's no wrong way of carrying your board (unless you harm the board) so send us pictures of creative ways you carry your board! 
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