23 Places to Ride in 2023

23 Places to Ride in 2023
Halfway through the first month I ask you, how are your New Year's resolutions going this year? For me, I always have trouble keeping up with the big changes I try to make in the New Year. In fact, I've already fallen behind on my biggest goal. This year, I wanted to get out and explore more. Whether that is exploring a store down the road or heading up the coast, I wanted to spend more time out and about instead of sitting at home watching reruns of shows I've seen a million times before. I've quickly found out that 2023 is a very busy year. Between work, chores, and the regular hustle and bustle of life, I have just a portion of the time I imagined. Now, whenever I have the opportunity to explore, I feel like I have to be tactical in how to spend it and see if it's worth the time and commitment. If you feel like it's been hard to keep up with your resolutions this year, maybe the list below will spark some ideas and keep you working towards your goals!
Local Attractions
There is nothing worse than going somewhere crowded and spending 30 minutes stressing for parking only to drop $20 for 3 hours of parking. I live in a downtown area and this is often a reason I don't venture towards Main Street. But now, it's 2023 and I am dead set on exploring downtown more. To start off the list, here are the three places I want to go to the most downtown.
1. The House of Blues
When I was in High School, I used to go to the House of Blues all the time to watch my favorite bands play and the occasional "Battle of the Bands" competition that my school would host. Since I graduated in 2014, I haven't been once. I really enjoy live music so I will definitely be riding to the House of Blue and other local Live Music venues this year. All the money I save on parking I can spend on food, a locker, or maybe some band merchandise!
2. The Library
I have been trying to find more time to read in the New Year. What better place to do that than the library downtown.
3. The Waterfront/Lakefront/Riverside
More often than not, paved paths near the ocean, lake, or river are perfect for eBoard use! If you can find a city bike path, watch for signage to see if it can take you to the waterfront! I happen to live by a city bike path that leads all the way to a separated bayfront path. You can ride that path all the way out of Downtown into the local neighborhoods. Along the way are countless numbers of restaurants, shops, and parks that I want to explore in the coming year.
4. National Park/State Parks
There are over 10 local National/State Parks within a two hour drive of my hometown. There's everything from desert parks to ones ripe with vegetation. In the coming year, I hope I get to take my board out to some trails I found on MTB Trails. This website is a great resource to use to make sure you're following trail guidelines and not breaking any laws. I found some trails in the Joshua Tree area that would be perfect for the Sex Panther.
5. Local Park
There is a park in San Diego that has one of the best views for a sunset. Kate Sessions Park is visited by hundreds of people everyday. It's a great place to end your day because you get a beautiful view, dogs running around in joy, and a lot of people relaxing just like you. Bring a refreshment, pack a blanket, and make sure to catch at least one sunset at your local park.
6. Bakeries/Coffee Shops
Recently we have been talking about our favorite breakfast foods in the office and we've all been in unison about how there is almost nothing better than a coffee shop/bakery in the morning. It's the perfect way to get to know your local neighborhood, start your day off right with a delicious pastry, or get that caffeine infusion you desperately need. Riding a board to the shop makes it feel less like an indulgence and more like a productive morning. You can get in some exercise or turn it up to level 5 and beat the rush to the locals favorite spots.
7. YMCA/Gym
In college, I would always find the time to exercise because the gym was right around the corner. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me now. I do know a few gyms close enough to ride my board to and they even have big enough lockers to store my board in. If you are looking to go to the gym more this year, maybe an eBoard is the perfect tool to make getting there easy and already be warmed up.
8. Fish Market/Farmer's Market
There are not many things I enjoy more than walking around my local Farmer's Market. The atmosphere, the little shops, the fresh produce, the chatter of all the locals, and the cute pups, it really makes me stop and appreciate the little joys in life. If your area is anything like mine, parking on a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market is a pain, using my Phantom to get there and not have to worry about parking, makes the market even more enjoyable. 
There are the top 8 places I want to get out and venture to more this year, here are 5 more places I plan on visiting, hopefully these will spark some inspiration of your own!
9. Arts Festival
10. Friend's House
11. Local Museums
12. The Best Sunset Vistas
13. Local Beaches
Far Away Dream Locations
If I could take my board anywhere in the world, here are 10 places I would LOVE to ride. Are any of my dream locations local to you?
14. New York City, US
15. Paris, France
16. Hawaii, US
17. Amsterdam, Netherlands
18. Copenhagen, Denmark
19. Barcelona, Spain
20. San Francisco, US
21. London, England
22. Rome, Italy
23. Berlin, Germany
I hope you enjoyed my list of places I plan on riding this year, and dream places I would love to ride in. Where do you plan on riding this year? Is your list similar to mine?
Happy New Year and make 2023 one to remember!

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