The miles spokesmodel search


win a phantom Electric Skateboard

Grand Prize
Miles Phantom

Second Place: $200 store credit

(3 winners)

Third Place: Rob's VLOG Kit

(5 winners)

Winners selected on 3/31/22

How to join

1. Film a 1 minute video on your cell phone telling us why you love your board.

2. Create a free account on Wetranfer. Use wetransfer to upload your video.

On wetransfer, click the 3 dot menu and choose 'get transfer link'.

Copy your transfer link to a notepad or somewhere safe. You will use it on your application below.

3. Submit your application here.

4. Grant Miles Board whitelist access to boost your video through your social media profile. (This will allow us to boost your video and show it to people outside of your network. Don't worry, it doesn't give us any other permissions around your profile).

5. Follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter for an extra entry!

Check out these tips from the team


Show your personality! Enthusiasm is hard to capture on camera so be sure to bring the energy!

(Hint: pretend like you just won $100M in the lottery, that's the kind of energy it takes).

Please film in Vertical 9x16 mode on your cell phone - nothing professional.

Do not do extensive edits - just simple cuts if needed, or provide us the original footage (up to 5 minutes) and we will edit for you!

Try to film in a quiet environment so we can hear you clearly.

Make sure to get your face, and your bike in the video!

Keep the light source in front of you so you're well lit.


check out these example videos for inspiration: