"Best Electric Vehicle" by Engadget

James Trew, Managing Editor at Engadget, loved a couple things in particular on the board. We listed just a couple points that he found fascinating about the board but if you want to check out the full review, it is attached at the bottom.

  1. Kick-Tail
    1. After ripping the Miles Board around one of the first things you will notice is the how beneficial the kick tail is. Allowing you to take "tighter corners, ride over small obstacles and even up low curbs" on a board that measures in at 26.5" is quite impression and something that we love. With enough balance and expertise the tail will even provide a platform for the perfect wheelies.


  1. Portability
    1. And in this corner, weighing in at 12.5 lbs, willing to go the miles in the ring is Miles Electric Skateboard. James sees the board as a must have on College Campus' for going fast between classes and when "carrying it by hand won't feel like you're dragging around a motorized ball and chain". But also for city dwellers that hop between transit and can store the board nicely "under your seat or between your legs".


  1. Price/Customization
    1. Starting at just $499 for the Single and moving up $769 for the Dual, "which one {is} you want depends on your journey (and budget)". Saving money for superior specs compared to the competition is a huge advantage of going with Miles.

"Add in the fact that you can swap batteries out, choose a number of different griptape designs and, let's be real, dazzle folks with those delightfully hot-pink wheels, and you've got the ultimate short-ride or campus-cruising solution."

James has so much more to tell you about his experience on the Miles Board! Check out the video below of James' initial reaction on the Miles Electric Skateboard. Give it a watch, check out the article and we'd love to hear your feedback!